Stephanie Austwick

All training / support is tailored to meet the needs of the school or cluster. It may include:

Whole school support:

  • Staff meetings
  • Twilight sessions
  • Training days
  • Cluster conferences
  • Teaching Assistant CPD
  • Parents' evenings or workshops


In-Class options:

  • Demonstration lessons/ Workshops/ Writing projects
  • Team teaching
  • Lesson observations and feedback
  • Lesson study/co coaching
  • Shared and Guided Writing
  • Shared and Guided Reading

Teacher support:


  • Planning – linked to assessment for learning
  • Assessing/ levelling/ moderating/ next steps
  • Reviewing and evaluating learning
  • Book scrutiny
  • Developing subject knowledge - individual CPD


Focus areas:

  • Experiential Writing - 'Writing for Real' - motivating children to write, making learning fun!
  • Closing the Gender Gap eg. Raising standards in boys’ writing
  • Narrowing the gaps eg. FSM/non FSM, vulnerable groups, EAL
  • Writing across the Curriculum – the Creative Curriculum, thematic approach
  • Early reading and phonic support
  • Developing Reading Comprehension in creative ways
  • Speaking and Listening /Talk for Reading and Writing
  • Visual Literacy
  • Film projects
  • Drama workshops/Drama productions
  • Transition projects, particularly between Y2 and Y3, Y6 and Y7
  • Extending the More Able, G & T
  • Links with the Community
  • Any other focus area you may wish to discuss


The support could be delivered:           

  • to one school, as classroom support/CPD/ workshop/coordinator support;  
  • to a pair of schools, sharing the cost and the in-school hours or creating joint CPD opportunities;
  • to a cluster of schools, dividing the support between them but clustering together for joint CPD sessions, classroom workshops, lesson study, planning / assessment sessions, etc.
  • over a concentrated period of time eg. one or two terms / post or pre OfSTED
  • over an extended period of time eg. one year /two years